Early Pregnancy Scan

Early pregnancy scans can be used in many ways. An ultrasound can be used to confirm pregnancy before making an appointment with a doctor. They also provide you with the opportunity to see and bond with your baby before the standard 12 week scan.

As soon as women have a positive pregnancy test the first thoughts can be 'what to do next'. Women want and need to see if 'this is real'. A private scan offers immediate diagnosis and confirmation. A report is given to clients and this can be brought to other healthcare professionals as required. This is a private moment for couples. They may not have reached the point of sharing their information and may just wish to know what is happening, have confirmation and plan ahead.


Early scans are not routinely offered in hospitals and wait times can be as long as three weeks.  Couples can make an appointment as early as  5-6 week mark, an ultrasound scan can identify a gestational sac and from 7 weeks. This is a wonderfull bonding experince


It is usually possible to obtain all the information with a transabdominal scan using our quality high specification scanner. Occasionally it is necessary to do a transvaginal scan.

Our Midwife has expert knowledge and will communicate all the results to you and liaise with other healthcare professionals with your consent. Quality Images are created in real-time and reports are given to you on the day.

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Benefits of an Early Pregnancy Scan

Our Midwife early pregnancy service has the following advantages:

Benefits of an Early Pregnancy Scan

  • Diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy

  • Accurate prediction of gestational age

  • Accessing viability

  • Enhanced management of pregnancy

There is a significant clinical benefit to having a scan before 12 weeks. The measurement obtained at this stage is accurate to within 1 day. We hope that all pregnancies are healthy and safe, so it important to identify any potential complications as early as possible.

Ensuring the pregnancy is in the right location is essential. On rare occasions, approx. 1.5% of pregnancies occur outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube. This is life-threatening and needs urgent management and immediate hospital attention.

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