One to One Reassurance

During your pregnancy, you may have questions or just want to see or hear your baby. One to one consultations allow you to bond with baby and offer peace of mind that all is well, at any stage of your pregnancy.


During the one to one reassurance scan, we will be able to show you baby, identify the head, feet, and other body parts, and listen to the heartbeat. From 17+ weeks we can even determine the baby's gender. This ultrasound is available at any stage of your pregnancy and is a source of much reassurance to many of our expectant mothers.

In addition to this anytime check, we also offer a foetal wellbeing scan. During this scan, the location of the baby in the womb and the placenta are determined. We will take standard measurements of the baby's body parts and use this to estimate the weight. We will also examine the amniotic fluids, the main organs, foetal breathing, and movements. This wellbeing check-in no replaces your hospital maternity care. Instead, it is an additional source of health care and is used to provide reassurance and peace of mind.


Waiting times in our maternity hospitals can be up to three weeks. While we have a fantastic care system in our hospitals, we know that when you have concerns the quicker these can be addressed the better. At Bloom Health, we are a Midwife-led clinic with no waiting list or exaggerated waiting times.

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